Debra Lekanoff


Debra has been out in the community and listening to you. She has heard your issues and concerns and is continuing to ring your doorbells to learn even more about how she can help you and your families in the 40th.

Based on what she has heard from you, Debra has chosen five key issue areas below:

Environment & Natural Resources

Debra supports environmental best practices to protect the Salish Sea and its resources. Throughout her career, Debra has a proven track record in forging good stewardship initiatives to protect the land and sea in Washington State.

She has fought against invasive Atlantic Salmon and is working to support our farmers and agricultural producers who grow the food that feeds this community.

Debra is ready to work together with the Water Supply Joint Legislative Task Force setting access to clean water as a priority and finding solutions together that best benefit all who call the 40th LD home.

Education & Technical Training

Education of our children (K-12), young adults (18-24), and community members at all stages of life is an issue near and dear to Debra’s heart. As a working, single mom, Debra wants to make sure that every person in the community has access to affordable, quality education.

Debra believes that Kindergarten should be the 'next step' in a child's education not the first step. Children need access to early learning prior to beginning Kindergarten. Debra also recognizes the need for growth in technical skills education, and that not every high school graduate wants to pursue a traditional four-year college degree. To carry on the work of the Honorable Representative Kris Lytton, Debra plans to create new opportunities for educational resources at every level to develop planned paths of success for each community member looking to learn.


Debra is a veteran advocate for healthcare systems in Washington State, especially in the areas of dental health and access to preventative wellness care for all communities. Debra was instrumental in the passage of the 2017 Dental Health Aide Therapy Bill, the first program of its kind in the continental United States.

Debra believes in a healthy community for all ages, genders, socioeconomic status, orientation, and color. Without the proper access to healthcare, it is impossible for a community to thrive. Debra is committed to working toward a progressive solution to health and wellness for the 40th LD.

Affordable Housing

Over the last five years, the housing market in Bellingham, Skagit, Anacortes, and the counties surrounding them have experienced an exponential boom in value. For our elders who have lived in this community for decades, the cost of living has driven many from their homes. This is strikes a personal chord with Debra who was raised by her grandmother in their family home in southeastern Alaska. Without this place for her to grow up, and have her grandmother live out her years of twilight in peaceful, comfortable surroundings, Debra would not be the woman she is today.

Debra is looking to strengthen the security of the aging parents and grandparents in the 40th by proposing a senior citizen exemption plan that is set by a threshold of median income level by county. Taking care of the generations who came to make the 40th the community it is today is an important piece in protecting the future of the 40th LD.

Women’s Issues

As a working, single mom, Debra is no stranger to the challenges faced by women across the world. Women’s issues touch everything. From making sure that there is reliable, safe transportation via the ferry systems for their families to protecting water to being part of the strong workforce looking to bring economic opportunities to the 40th LD.

Debra is responsible for running her campaign with a code of conduct to not only protect the women on her campaign but male counterparts as well to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her entire team.

Debra is your partner, your protector, and peer. She will fight for your rights and stand up to injustice whether it is a glass ceiling or making sure that a woman has the right to choose what is right for her own health. Debra is a champion for women.

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